T-Cartridge Filter Housing (กระบอกกรองชนิดแกนไส้กรอง)

It’s designed for international specification cartridge and could be used from 10″ and 20″,one round to more than 300 rounds filter housing and designed with a variety of connections for filtration efficiency requirements. Filter cartridge arrangement significantly reducing the use of stainless steel material and then has the price advantage. This series can be widely used in various industries, various liquid filtration such as basic food and beverage industry, drinking water, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, process water and seawater

B-Bag Filter Housing (กระบอกกรองชนิดถุงกรอง)

It’s design could match with all sizes of filter bags. Bag filter housing could replace the bag quickly, easy to operate and reduce the installation time. Simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency and high sealed, very suit for electronic chemicals, inks, food and other industries. And designed clamp can replace filter bag easily and clean the filter bag without using any tool.

RO Pipe

Tech&Time has nylon head and stainless steel head for RO membrane housing products. Comparing with stainless steel head, nylon head has better price and more durable. We made nylon cover by unique formula therefor, we have more durable quality than other companies. We made RO membrane housing by using high level seamless shell which can reduce bacterium. RO membrane housing can provide you a better water quality.

Cartridges Filter ไส้กรองชนิดแกน (ไส้กรอง-ฟิลเตอร์แบบแท่ง)

Bag Filter (ฟิลเตอร์-ไส้กรองแบบถุง)