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String Wound

ไส้กรองชนิดแกน (ไส้กรอง-ฟิลเตอร์แบบแท่ง)

Model: String wound (Code: SW)
Material: Polypropylene、Bleached cotton、Glass fiber
Material of center post: PP、SUS 304、SUS 316
Operating Temp: under 250°C



String-Wound Filter Cartridges is made by rayon. The main material is PP/bleached cotton and glass fiber.  It has strong corrosion resistance and great quality. It have a varity used in many industry such as Chemical, Plastics, Food, Pharmaceutical …


  • Chemical process of acid-base liquid filtration.
  • Agricultural raw materials, organic solven filtration.
  • Water-soluble paint, oil, paint the filtration system.
  • mechanical oil, heavy oil, fuel oil filtration.
  • Sterile water, ultra-pure water before the filter processing.
  • Industrial water, electroplating solution, liquid filtration.
  • Syrup, chololate and other types of slurry filtration.


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