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Stainless steel

ไส้กรองชนิดแกน (ไส้กรอง-ฟิลเตอร์แบบแท่ง)

Model: Stainless steel  (Code: SS)
Material: SUS 304 / SUS 316
End cap: DOE、222、226、Etc.
Operating Temp: Can up to 450°C( special order)



Stainless steel filter cartridges is made of 304/316, multi-layer filter structure can efficiency filter the liquid also extend the usage of the cartridge. Stainless steel filter cartridge can be repeated cleaning , it’s an efficient and stable filtration options.


  • Corrosive and gas filtration
  • Agrochemical raw materials, chemical solvents purification treatment
  • Pure water, deionized water purfication filter
  • Mechanical oil, heavy oil, fuel oil, filtration
  • Steam, gas filtration
  • wine, food , beverage filtration.

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