Axial Fan

Product Application


Multiple production choice along with various CFM and RPM spec, easy for customers to choose the AC axial fan model which fits their design most.

Product Application:

  • Cooling fan for power switchboard.
  • Cooling fan for electrical box
  • Cooling fan for inverter
  • Cooling fan for UPS
  • Cooling fan for various industrial equipments.
  • Cooling fan for electrical generator or motors
  • Cooling fan for frezzer or refrigerator
  • Cooling fan for stage light

Description of Model No.


1. UF : Fulltech Brand

2. Size :

60 = 60 x 60mm.80 = 80 x 80mm.92 = 92 x 92mm.12 = 120 x 120mm.13 = 127 x 127mm.
15 = 150 x 172mm.16 = 160 x 160mm.17 = 172 x 172mm.18 = 180 x 180mm.20 = 205 x 205mm.
22 = 223 x 223mm.25 = 254 x 254mm.

3. Thickness :

A = 38mm.B = 25mm.D = 30mm.F = 62mm.G = 89mm.
H = 107mm.J = 90mm.K = 55mm.P = 51mm.

4. Special Design :

C = Capacitor Start-RunR = Reverse AirM = Metal ImpellerCR= Capacitor Induction Motor + Reverse AirMR= Metal Impeller + Reverse Air
E = Without FrameA = 3 Phases

5. Input Voltage :

11 = 115VAC23 = 230VAC10 = 100VAC20 = 200VAC

6. Bearing :

B = BallS = Sleeve

7. Electrical Connection :

T = Terminal TypeW = Lead Wire Type

8. Speed :

H = HighM = MediumL = Low

9. Feature :

N = Motor SealedD = Stator PaintedS = Tachometer Sensor FanF = Class F

AC cooling fan with waterproof for heat exchanger mounted outside – Fulltech Electric As more and more air pollution in those years, includes the harmful particulate matter, microorganism and so on, those cause the problem of the human respiratory system easily. Also, the excess amount of CO and CO2 in a closed building could also be harmful and cause the human being dizzy or uncomfortable.

Heat exchanger ventilates the air mechanically to exhale the harmful gases and CO2 inside and inhale the fresh air from the outside, to keep the inside air quality is good at certain level, plus with air conditioner running 24 hours a day, it will keep the air fresh inside and also help to save the energy as well.

Some heat exchangers are mounted on the wall outside, and to inhale and exhale the air with the AC cooling fan running inside the enclosure. However, with exchangers mounted outside, it increases the risk of the malfunction of the machine itself. So, it is very important to choose the right AC cooling fan inside the exchanger, since it will help the exchanger to function correctly and guarantee its life cycle. AC cooling fan with waterproof will certainly avoid the malfunction of the exchanger caused by the rain or humidity outside.

Fulltech AC Axial fan –UF15KM23BWHN is a waterproof fan with stator fully sealed. It can also prevent the malfunction of the fan from humidity or dust outside. UF15KM23BWHN also passed the constant temperature and humidity test for 20?~70? per cycle, with 15 cycles, 300 hours in total, which proves to our customers that UF15KM23BWHN with metal blade functions well in the outdoor and also rugged environment as well

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AC FAN : Cooling Fan : Fulltech

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