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UF15PC Series

Size: 172x150x51 mm.

Frame/Housing: Aluminum die-casting
Impeller: Plastic PBT PC,nylon or metal
Bearing System: Ball bearing or sleeve bearing
Motor: Shaded pole or capacitor start-run
Connection: Lead wire or termnal type
Protection: Impedance-Protected or Thermally-Protected
Dielectric withstand voltage: Above 10MΩ, DC500V
Life Expectancy: Ball bearing:Over 40,000 hr.(at 40°C)
Sleeve bearing:Over 15,000 hr.(at 40°C)
Safety Approval: CUL, CE, TUV, either UL or ETL
Description of Model No.
UF 12 A (R) 11 B T H N
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9



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Size:172x150x51 mm. UF15PC11-H UF15PC23-H
Rated Voltage 115 V 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Input Power 31/31 W 29/29 W
Rated Current 0.26/0.25 A 0.12/0.12 A
Locked Current 0.41/0.43 A 0.19/0.19 A
Speed 2850/3400 RPM 2850/3400 RPM
Maximum Air Flow 5.8/6.4 m3/min. 5.8/6.4 m3/min.
Maximum Air Flow 205/226 CFM 205/226 CFM
Maximum Pressure 16/20 mmH2O 16/20 mmH2O
Maximum Pressure 0.63/0.79 InchH2O 0.63/0.79 InchH2O
Noise 53/58 dB 53/58 dB
Weights 0.9 kg 0.9 kg


For Fan 6″ : UF15PC (For UF15P,UF15PC,UF17P,UF17PC,UF15A,UF15AC,UF15KC,UF15KCR,UF15KMR,UF15KM,UF13A)

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