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SD4010PT 40x40x10 mm/1.6×0.4 inch

Cooling Fan : DC FAN : MODEL: SD4010PT : SINWAN
General specification : SD4010PT

  • Motor: Brushless DC,impedance portected, auto cutoff auto restart optional only 
  • Frame: Glass fiber reinforced PBT thermoplastic, UL94V-0
  • Impeller: Glass fiber reinforced PBT thermoplastic, UL94V-0 impeller
  • Rotation: CCW looking at rotor, air inlet side of housing, air outlet from struts
  • Bearing System: Double sealed high precision ball bearing
  • Operating Temp: Ball bearings -20C~+65C 
  • L10 Life: Ball bearings 60,000 hours at 45C, 50,000 hours at 60C
  • Dielectric Strength: 500 VAC/sec. Max leakage 500 micro amp
  • Connection: Wire or Terminal
  • Net Weight: 20 g (0.044 Lbs)




Related Technical Information

-Optional Function Leads:

*Alarm, motor stop, cutoff sensor signals (R/D, run-Low, stop-High for alarm function, color yellow lead)
*Tach speed sensor output, open collector, 2 square waves per revoluation,or TTL 4.4~5 VDC optional (F/G, white lead) 

*Speed control:

– S/C, NTC thermister thermal control 1800~3400RPM/4.7~10K ohm vs 45~20C(S/C,orange lead)

– PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, microprocessor programmable CPU speed control,10~100%, full stop & 10 speed stages; 800~3800RPM (PWM, purple lead)

– S/V, Control voltage speed setting, Anolog 0~10V vs speed RPM speed control via separate DC low voltage interface (S/V, gray lead)


Fan Performance Curves and Dimension


* Sinwan reserves the right to change data and specs without notice
* Tests are at nominal rated voltage against zero static pressure
*Specifications subject to change without notice, data tolerance +-10%

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