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Portable JAC Series : ABS


  • Microcomputer control system enables easy control of timer, output, and temperature.
  • The use of Industrial BLT transducer increases its durability and power.
  • Ability to control the ultrasonic output intensity – High, Moderate, Low
  • Ability to change the ultrasonic operation mode – Normal, Pulse, Sweep
  • DeGAS function is added – dissolved gas elimination to improve cleaning quality.
  • Inflammable ABS coated surface creates clean and elegant appearance.



Capacity10 Liter20 Liter
TransducerBLT Type
Ultrasonic Power(Max)300W500W
Heater Power190W320W
Frequency40 KHz
Input PowerSingle-Phase AC220V 50/60Hz
Temp. RangeRoom temperature ~ 70℃
Time Range1 ~ 99 min
Body MaterialABS


x Warning: Please carefully read for proper and safe operation of the product.

1. Avoid cleaning solvent that contains Benzene or Alcohol to prevent inflammable ABS coated surface from melting down.
2. Please fill water up to the indicated line before you turn on the power.
3. Heater should be on only when the machine is in use.
4. Product warranty period is one year from date of purchase.

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